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Our Chairs



Hélène Sabourin

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CEO, Canadian Association of

Occupational Therapists

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Fred Phelps

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Interim Co-Chair, HEAL

Executive Director, Canadian Association
of Social Workers


Our Members


The members of the Organizations for Health Action are committed to sustaining and enhancing the health of Canadians, and in the continuous improvement of fair, equitable, efficient and effective health services and system(s). As active participants in the development and implementation of our health system(s) we commit to these guiding principles for health and health care in Canada.

  • All Canadians value health and health care.

  • Health is broader than the provision of health care, embracing health promotion, disease prevention and economic and social policy underlying determinants of health and healthy communities.

  • Access to quality health care, irrespective of ability-to-pay, is a basic Canadian value.

  • Sustaining the national character of health services requires adherence to a common set of principles.

  • Finite public resources are available to support the health of Canadians and fund a national health insurance system.

Guiding Principles


HEAL, Organizations for Health Action, is a non-partisan coalition of 40 national health organizations dedicated to improving the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive.

HEAL membership has collaborated to create a robust document aimed at the federal government with recommendations for a healthier nation.  

Beyond COVID-19:

HEAL's recommendations for a healthier nation

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